The Workshop Dog

By Nick Gilmore

Published: 10 Jan, 2023

Lulu the Workshop Dog

The Background

With both my Better Half and I working full time we agreed that having a dog would be unfair on the dog. They’re pack animals and leaving one alone all day would be torture for it.

The Plan

Having both grown up with dogs we agreed that when working patterns were suitable we would get a dog. We also agreed not to go to a breeder as there were too many dogs in rescues that deserved a good home.

The Reality

Having approached several rescue centres we found Lulu at the Blue Cross.

Her history was a little uncertain but she was probably a Labrador/Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, probably about 3 years old, definitely underweight and definitely had behaviour ‘issues’.

She had first been found abandoned on the street. She had recently had pups and was still lactating but there was no sign of her litter. The vet estimated that she was not yet a year old at that stage.

She was chipped and neutered and a home was found for her.

Unfortunately the new owner was unable to keep her as his family circumstances changed and he took her to the Blue Cross.

The Project

Lulu has undoubtedly been a far bigger and more complex project than we anticipated. Neither of us has known a dog so badly damaged, both psychologically and physically, as Lulu has been.

Helping her work through it has been like peeling an onion. As soon as you fix a set of behaviours and take them away then a new set emerges.

But, with perseverance and expert help from Tash at Dogs Be Dogs she is blossoming into a lovely and loving companion.

Of course, it being the 21st century, she has her own Twitter account. Follow her story there.

External Links

Blue Cross

I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Blue Cross Burford. The process they have for ensuring that the dog ends up in the right home was rigorous. I had an hour’s telephone ‘interview’ before being allowed to travel to Burford and a further hour meeting before being introduced to Lulu. They certainly have the animal’s interest first and foremost.

Dogs Be Dogs

Tash’s impact on Lulu’s behaviour both inside and outside the home has been nothing short of transformational. Lulu was a very difficult case but Tash has given us a whole range of strategies to mould Lulu’s reactions to other dogs and people. I’ve got no hesitation recommending Dogs Be Dogs to anyone.


Follow My Name is Lulu here

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