The Website

By Nick Gilmore

Published: 1 Jan, 2023

The Website

The History

I’ve constructed many websites over the years. Usually this was using handcrafted HTML and CSS but making them properly responsive on all devices is too much of a headache when you’d rather be making something to show instead of making something to show what you should have been making. There had to be an easier way.


In line with what appears to be the majority of new websites now I’ve opted to use WordPress as the platform for this site. Specifically, a managed WordPress platform hosted by IONOS

The Theme

Everybody seems to offer the ideal WordPress theme for your site now. Somehow I could never find one that didn’t have a feature I didn’t like. Plus, since the standard WordPress interface is for content creation rather than design it was hard to be sure what the page would actually look like.

Then I saw an advert from Elegant Themes for their Divi Theme Builder.

Elegant Themes

While readers in the UK might find the name ‘Divi’ a little amusing, it actually is a very good product. There are hundreds of ready-made themes available but I’ve opted to build the theme you’re looking at from scratch.

If you’re looking for something that will make your website behave correctly on desktop, tablet and phone then I wouldn’t bother looking any further.


Unless otherwise stated all content on this site is the original work of the author.

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Official WordPress Logo from WordPress.org

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Managed WordPress Hosting (non-affiliate link)

Elegant Themes

Divi Theme Builder (non-affiliate link)

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